True T Studios

1 unique studio with 2 transitional spaces suitable for rehearsals, auditions, film shoots, photo shoots, workshops, and private gatherings.  Each studio is equipped with heating and sound systems. Please take into consideration True T Pgh regularly scheduled programming when requesting space.

Studio A

Studio A is a newly renovated space with lots of history and charm. From its preserved original ceiling that dates back to the 1800s to its modern transitional décor, the studio is designed to accommodate intimate public performances, workshops, rehearsals, private gatherings, and more. This studio features access to 1080 projection, sound system, central air, customizable Phillips Hue lights, and hardwood floors.


The Pink Gallery is an experimental, interactive gallery space located inside True T Studios. Designed to run on a loop in the gallery area, it offers the opportunity to both explore and interact with the art.