An LGBTQIA+ Short-Term & Emergency Housing Program, Prioritizing People of trans experience.

Option-U is an emergency housing and resource program with a case management component. The project is a product of a collaboration between True T PGH and TransYOUniting. It was created out of the extensive need for stable housing and employment resources for the transgender and non-binary communities of Pittsburgh and the LGBTQIA+ community in its entirety. Although we are not a permanent housing solution, we want to make people’s current situation easier as we navigate through this crisis together.


Option-U is a trans-focused LGBTQIA+ emergency housing program that creates a safe space for individuals to obtain stable housing while achieving personal and professional goals.


A stigma-free community where transgender individuals have equal access to employment and affordable housing.

What’s the problem?

Organizations are few and far when you identify as a Person of Trans Experience, you’re homeless, and seeking day-to-day life resources in Pittsburgh. — There are even fewer organizations that are Trans-led and/or have a Trans person in a leadership role. We need to empower our local and global Trans communities by creating intentional safe spaces in which they can feel safe, proud, and free!

OPTION-U addresses social barriers faced by People of Trans experience throughout their journeys of self-discovery. Serving as a developmental hub, this program provides access to transitional housing and necessary life resources including:

  • Linkage to Healthcare services
  • Housing Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Skill-Building Workshops
  • HIV/STI Prevention & Awareness
  • Vocational and Educational Assistance
  • and more!

Option-U Residence

The Option-U Residence is a 2-floor housing unit with 5 short term beds for 30-90 days and 1 emergency overflow bed for stays that are 7 days or less. During this time residents work with a case manager to create an individualized goal plan for employment and housing. Throughout their time at Option-U, staff will mentor individuals to achieve personal goals and establish stronger connections within the community. Option-U operates off of an individualized life coach model. Our goal is for every individual to feel special and to leave our program with stable housing, employment, and a strong sense of self-confidence in their ability to succeed.

Option-U has a 24 hour live-in Resident Advisor (RA) to ensure the safety of all residents. All of our RA’s identify as transgender and/or non-binary.

Apply for Housing

Support Services

Option-U offers other resources for trans and non-binary individuals to assist with navigating through the “systems” of Pittsburgh. All of our support services are available to all members of the community and you do not have to live in the OU Residence to utilize them. True T collaborates with many local organizations and public opinion leaders to provide easier access to special programs and pivotal resources.

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Support Services

Linkage to Care with Trusted Partners

True T PGH partners with many local healthcare, clinics, and social service organizations, and we connect our program members to these relevant and necessary resources. We are always creating new partnerships and discovering more resources.


True T PGH provides resources for transportation to and from healthcare and other social service appointments, workshops, and programs. Available by call or walk-in.


True T PGH offers assistance with resume building, interview readiness, higher education, professional references, and provide opportunities to make money and acquire new skills to utilize in their professional futures. Available by appointment.


TransYOUniting leads initiatives on trans issues and provides resources to some of the most vulnerable in the City of Pittsburgh. True T PGH supports and collaborates with TransYOUniting in volunteer, outreach, and advocacy.

Community Workshops

True T PGH provides weekly and monthly workshops to identify and acquire new skills, create safe spaces, and to build community. Held at True T Studios.

Art and Expression

True T PGH staff works with community members to develop their personal creative expression goals and interests. Held at True T Studios.