True T PGH Presents
The 5th Annual Galaxy Ball

This annual community fundraiser is produced in hopes of raising funds for the sustainability of programming and opportunities for the Pittsburgh Ballroom Community. 

The event takes place at ClearStory Studios on April 20th, 2019 with doors opening at 9 pm. We will kick off the evening with a cocktail mixer and at 10 pm we will begin to drift into the Galaxy. 

VIP ticket holders will have the best view in the house, an endless beverage pass, and access to a unique spread of catered magic.
ClearStory Studios
1931 Sidney Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

9pm - 1am


The Voice of Philadelphia
Legendary Ranika Prodigy
The Twisted Chanter
Greg Xclusive Lanvin
The Beat Master
DJ Delish Ebony
​​​​​The legend returns to Pittsburgh to use her most dangerous weapon: Her voice! Recently deemed ballrooms Voice of the Generation, Ranika will surely spark electrifying battles and is known to create rivalries. 
​The Twisted Chanter will once again claim his seat to the throne, as he makes his 5th appearance at the Galaxy Ball. Prepare to laugh and prepare to snap as the Master of Ceremony takes you on a ride.
​​​​​​​​One of the most creative and versatile ballroom DJ’s to date, DJ Delish Ebony has a beat for every situation. Making their 3rd appearance in the Galaxy Ball series, we are excited for the return of their energy and repertoire. 
THEME: Artificial Intelligence
Each year we strive to present an original concept that will set moods and bring characters to life. This year we explore the possibility of a future where fantasy meets technology. 

Artificial intelligence has been changing our lives for decades but the future remains to be unseen. AI could either make our dreams come true or destroy society as we know it. 

When will our curiosity kill us?

5th Annual Galaxy Ball Trailer

Be sure to RSVP for the official aftermath the following night on Sunday, April 21st 2019. Vogue Pittsburgh Season 2 | Episode 3